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In Memory of Michael Jackson : the King of Pop

Michael Joseph Jackson (born 29th August 1958) was a gifted child, a born entertainer. He started his career with his elder brothers and was managed by his father, They were known as The Jackson 5. Even though this group was doing well, All eyes were on the little child in the front.

He started his solo career and started his journey to Success, he was the first African-American to have such a great fan following and in his late teens he was known and loved all over the world by millions. More...

Michael Jackson Dies June 25, 2009

The news of Michael Jackson dying on June 25, 2009 has stunned the nation. The calls, text messages, emails, tweets and conversations began to spread across the world as the shocking news was relayed of Michael's untimely death. Michael Jackson born August 29, 1958 was in his Los Angeles home at the time when the paramedics were called. Michael was not feeling well the day before and his doctor had even been out to check on him. The next day Michael was found not breathing and paramedics unfortunately could not revive him. It is believed he has died of cardiac arrest. More...

Michael Jackson's Skin Cancer

The King of Pop is not without problems. With the many controversies of him suffering from skin cancer and the faking of his skin turning from black to white, Michael Jackson is suffering from the potentially fatal disease of skin cancer. Jackson has been enduring many treatments to get rid of the cancer spreading on his skin. With scrapings of his chest and nose already completed, the King of Pop is not in the clear yet. The surgeries are even conflicting with his comeback tours.


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